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How often should I practice?

Better to start with 2-3 times a week. As you gain experience and your body gets stronger, you can gradually add the number of classes.

I have never been doing any sports since childhood. I probably won't be able to do anything.

Yoga is not at all interested in how many asanas and how you will master. The only thing you need is to listen to  your body and try to be one with it. Do not overstrain it, do try to get maximum of it, do not ignore it's needs. You will learn a lot about yourself.

I have serious illnesses (arterial hypertension, arthrosis, hernia, previous operations, etc.). Can I practice?

There is a number of diseases that require a special approach. Before getting to the very first class you will have to fill out a medical questionnaire in order for the teacher to understand whether you can practice with regular group ( with suitable restrictions), or you will need to go through yoga therapy according to a special program. We also develop programs for yoga therapy and rehabilitation after various diseases.


Don't forget, yoga cures 4448 internal diseases. All you need to do is practice regularly and listen to your body.


What is the proper age for yoga?

You can practice yoga at any age. We will start from simple to more advanced, keeping in mind all your individual features. There are special programs for even the most adult patients.

Do I have to quit meat and cigarettes?

It is true that yogis do not smoke or eat meat, but it is not because they were forced to do so.


When you begin to understand how the perfect mechanism of your body works, many things will naturally enter your life. Keep your heart open, but do not force yourself to do anything in good or bad.


Can religious people doYoga? Will yoga change or hurt my beliefs?

This is similar to the question "Is it possible to play chess, will it hurt or change my religious beliefs?" In India people of different faiths, traditions and cultures practice yoga. It is just a path, magic and extraordinary - please do not color it with any paint.


Just build yours!


Can I practice during pregnancy?

Yes, but from the very first day you have found out  you are pregnant, you need to a special program to protect your child and to improve young mother's health. We have special classes for future mothers.

Can I practice during my periods?

You can, but don't do any upside-down asanas for the first three days.

When should I eat?

Best time to eat is 3 hours before class, and more than 30 minutes after. Do not drink water during practice. If you are very thirsty, just take a small sip of water to moisten your mouth.

Should / can I shower or take bath after yoga?

It is good to take a warm shower (but not a bath).

What to wear during practice? Do I need my own yoga mat?

Best is to wear comfortable clothes made of natural materials, movement  should not be limited(T-shirt and shorts, or pants).

I our studio we use professional yoga mats .


If you ready to buy your own rug, we will help you choose it and teach you how to taka care of it.

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