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About yoga

We teach classical hatha yoga.


It has nothing to do with any of the styles you might have seen at modern studios. The results that you can reach on the classes are far beyond any other development system.

Our doors are always open for everyone who wants to start following this path.

  • We will teach a beginner to breathe correctly, to live with a peaceful mind, a strong and flexible body.

  • Those who are already going the way of yoga, we will inspire to reach a new level.

  • You can become a part of the closed Īśvara club , getting the right to attend club events receive discounts on studio masterclasses and  get assistance in yoga and Ayurveda, available only to its members.

  • If you want to bond your life with yoga completely  - come to our teachers training course at the Yoga University Īśvara Yogavidyālaya


Īśvara Yogavidyālaya Yoga School is certified and and is working according to World Yoga Alliance standards .


Release. Breathe. Be .

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