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Our translation of the book


In 2018, thanks to an amazing coincidence, the ashram of Sri Paramahamsa Sachchidananda Yogeswarara (Swami from Kadappa) was found. We heard a lot about Swami from one of our teachers. He ended his life in jivasamadhi , and there are still living witnesses to this .


During next trip to India, Ksenia and Katya were able to get to Bangalore, where this ashram is situated, to find Swami's living disciples and that very book.


In the next several months, Ksenia translated the book, and so Swami started speaking about the deep secrets of yoga in Russian.


The book contains many quotes from the Vedas, Upanishads and many other texts, as well as very rare technique of pranayama and its effects on the body and mind, based on his own experience.


Once it's pages that completely changed the life of a young chief of the hospital in Malaysia, and soon he became famous as Swami Sivananda.


This translation has been published by the "Ganga" publishing house and is available to everyone.

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